ADA announces aquascaping competition results


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Aqua Design Amano have announced the winners of the 2009 International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest.

The event, which is the world's largest aquascaping competition, was won this year by Nguyen Tien Dung from Vietnam who scooped a top prize of over 6000.

Nguyen was one of three Vietnamese entries in the top 10, all of which were from South East Asia, with the highest European entrant being Pasquale Buonpane from Italy, who achieved 22nd place.

But Poland leads Europe in aquascaping, with five Polish aquascapers appearing in the top 100.

The UK had a good year with 9 entries with British aquascapers gaining the following rankings:

81: Andrew Mack

169: George Farmer

174: Chris Jupp

685: Aaron North

777: Dobrin Dobrey

839: Graeme Edwards

946: Nick Parker

1056: James Star-Marshall

1156: James Maslin

ADA will be announcing the top 27 entries and providing images shortly. The top 27 from 2008 are shown here.