Activists release farmed halibut


Fish farms are on alert after animal rights activists broke into a halibut farm and released thousands of farmed fish into the sea.

According to reports, activists caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to Kames Marine Fish Farm near Kimelford near Oban Argyll and released thousands of farmed halibut that were being held in sea cages.

Experts believe that the fish, which will have been raised on commercial pellet feeds, are unlikely to survive in the wild.

During the incident, activists spray-painted the letters ALF (Animal Liberation Front) on a wall. An investigation by The Scotsman found that an anonymous statement left on a US website had boasted: "All the pens were destroyed and sunk and we saw hundreds, if not thousands, of fish swimming free."

Police told The Scotsman that they would be warning fish farms to step up security amid fears that ALF are planning other attacks on fish farms.

A spokesman from the fish farm told the BBC: "It has served no purpose to protect the fish at all because we are now finding hundreds of dead fish along the beaches.

"It also has substantial financial implications to the business and our customers are extremely upset."