15 ridiculous fish tanks


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We like innovation in aquarium design, but they must always put the needs of the fish first. Here are some which definitely don't!

This one will bring you to tears (above)

I guess you'd class this one as art, but no doubt those goldfish will be pretty upset about it.

Bright idea

A goldfish bowl designed to look like a light bulb. From an artistic point of view it has merit, but as a container to hold live fish it gets a big fat zero.

The birds will like this one!

Quite a few people have tried this aviary/aquarium mix, but for the birds in the middle life looks pretty rubbish.

Wash your hands of this one…

Sinks, toilets – they're far better off for their original intended uses, not as aquariums. No idea how you clean this one...?

Arty farty

Can't see any point in this one. An aquarium builder seems to have gone a bit OTT and the result, an impractical tank and a bewildered goldfish.

Waste of space

Minimalist, and not an aquarium. Its a blown piece of glass, on a stand, with a Siamese fighter in it. Poor old fighter.


Not a fish tank as such, but then none of them are really. A bikini top made out of bags containing live goldfish.

Handbags at the ready

Want to look cool in the far east - carry this acrylic goldfish bowl around wherever you go…and abuse an animal in the process.

Space age

A load of spherical bowls linked up to make one super structure, a bit like a fishy Rotastack. Wouldn't want to clean the lower ones.

Ring a ding ding

It's a phone booth, with fish in it. At least it has plenty of water volume, but give us a 6 x 2 x 2' the right way up, any day.

Fish TV

This fishy television seems quite clever, and as long as the tank is filtered, stocked and maintained in the proper way, there's not much that is wrong with it. Might make visitors look twice too.

Return of the mac

On the same vein as the TV, there have been a whole host of Apple Mac conversions over the years. Here's one.

Fish highway

We can't really see the point in this one. The fish is offered a bit more swimming room, and the onlooker a strange spectacle, but again, stick those cichlids in a standard six footer and they would be much happier. Wouldn't want to clean this one either.

Attack of the clones

This Star Wars R2D2 "toy" appears also to be a fish tank, though we suspect that the fish and plants have been photoshopped in. Way too small for goldfish and no substitute for a proper aquarium. 

Fashion disaster

For the fish, anyway. We couldn't fail to mention the dreadful live fish and turtle keyrings which are so popular in China.

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