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Should we go back to an undergravel filter?

Neale Monks gives his advice to a reader who is concerned about his elderly mother struggling with her community tank,…

How do I stop my red plants fading?

Have you ever wondered why your red plants fade so quickly? Jeremy Gay offers his advice to one reader who would like to…

How do I eradicate pest starfish?

David Wolfenden shares his advice to a reader that is having a problem with a pest starfish in his tank.

Can we feed pond food to our trops?

Bob Mehen gives his advice to reader who is wondering whether it's safe to feed their tropical fish with pond pellets.

How do I worm my fish safely?

Practical Fishkeeping •

Dr Peter Burgess advises a reader who is having issues with worming their fish safely.

How do I reduce my snail population?

Practical Fishkeeping •

A tank that’s heaving with snails could indicate a lack of maintenance. Neale Monks gives his advice to a PFK reader who…