Fishkeeping Advice

Fishkeeping advice answering all of your questions on keeping cold water, tropical, marine, freshwater and salt water fish.

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How can I entice this fish out of hiding?

A reader asks why his new gourami appears to be hiding in his tank...

Can fish get too fat?

A reader is concerned that her fish are fat - Jeremy offers his advice...

Can I add plants to my trickle filter

A reader asks for advice on which plants to use in a trickle filter. PFK expert Jeremy Gay gives advice.

How do I treat Dermocystidium

A reader worries about her diseased Cardinal Tetras, Dr Peter Burgess advises.

How long do tropical fish live for?

Neale Monks explains why the lifespan of a fish is difficult to predict.

Can I add some gobies to this community tank? 

Neale Monks advises on the pitfalls of keeping gobies in a community tank.

How far apart should I place my corals?

Jeremy Gay advises on how to safely place corals in a tank.

How do I keep telescope-eye goldfish?

Jeremy Gay helps a reader choose a tank to keep telescope-eyed fancy goldfish.

How do I set up this rearing tank? 

Neale Monks advises a reader on protecting his newborns in a rearing tank.