What is a Jikin goldfish?


Paul Green of the Ranchu Brotherhood and the Goldfish Society of Great Britain explains how to tell the difference between the Wakin and the Jikin.

The Jikin is a Japanese variety which has become popular with UK breeders. They are white with six red points — lips, dorsal, pectoral, ventral, anal and caudal fins. Red is often seen on the gill plates and underbelly, but this may go unseen as these fish are meant to be judged from above. 

The other characteristic is the split four-lobed tail the Japanese call a peacock tail. 

Traditionally in Japan extra red scales were removed when the fish were young and this would weaken the fish, or have even worse consequences. To my knowledge this practice has never taken place in the UK and should be discouraged at all costs.

It’s evident that the Jikin’s colour pattern develops more than many other goldfish varieties and some can lose much red body coloration as they age. This may also explain why the Japanese breeders prefer to spawn with older fish.

In a spawning of Tancho koi very few, if any, offspring will demonstrate a full white body and perfect head pattern shape and coloration!  

This item was first published in the September 2009 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine. It may not be reproduced without written permission.