Volcano killifish


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Nathan Hill spotlights a beautiful killifish he came across on a recent shoptour.

Scientific name: Chromaphyosemion volcanum “Econdo”.
Origin: Mount Cameroon, Cameroon.
Size: Approximately 5cm/2”.

Habitat: Found in ponds and smaller streams around Mount Cameroon, they prefer swampy regions. Specimens are almost always found over volcanic soils — hence their name.

Diet: Ravenous aquatic insect and crustacean feeders, they will quickly take to most dried foods. Live food may help to condition the fish into breeding and bring out best coloration.

Water: Soft, acidic is favoured. Hardness levels of 1-10° KH are tolerated, alongside a pH of 5.5-7.0 and temperature range of 25-27°C/77-81°F.

Aquarium: A smaller tank is all that’s needed, although frondy plants should be abundant if wanting to keep females safe from male aggression.

Water changes should be frequent, although fluctuations of water chemistry should be avoided. A soft, peaty substrate should be used if wanting to bring out the best in both markings and potential spawning activity.

Avoid aggressive tank mates and house with other Chromaphyosemion
and Aphyosemion from the same region.

Notes: This was a total chance find during a recent PFK shoptour. In the aquarium these fish appeared slightly drab, but once photographed exposed colours in their fins, indicating what will be a beautiful adult species.

Availability: These were found at S and C Aquatics, Durham, at £7.99 each, or a pair for £15.

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