Teleocichla sp. Tapajos


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Matt Clarke on the Teleocichla sp. Tapajos.

Scientific name: Teleocichla sp. "Tapajos"

Origin: Rio Tapajos, Amazon basin

Aquarium: A pair needs a tank of around 60cm/24", preferably larger. Provide plenty of hiding places.

Size: The adult size is not known, but most adult Teleocichla reach 5-9cm/2-3"

Habitat: These cichlids are found in rivers and streams, so provide plenty of water movement and lots of worn pebbles.

Diet: Teleocichla are micropredators, and are closely related to the Pike cichlids. They generally take frozen bloodworms, daphinia and brineshrimp readily and may also take flaked foods.

Availability: Not commonly available. These were imported from the Peru region by Maidenhead Aquatics, Harlestone Heath.

Notes: There are currently two species described from the Rio Tapajos: T. priogenys and T. proselytus. The fish shown here is said to be an undescribed species. Rarely imported into the UK market.

Price: £8.50 for a 6cm/2" fish.

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