Superfish Aqua Qube 15 review


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Jeremy Gay takes a look at the Superfish Aqua Qube 15 nano tank from Dutch supplier Aqua Distri.

Dutch supplier Aquadistri have subtly revamped their Aqua Qube range of aquariums, and added a new, smaller 15 l/3.3 gal size too.

The Superfish Aqua Qube aquarium is a good looking nano tank that has proved incredibly popular in the UK. Over the few years they have been available, we have got to know them very well, and like them.

We have reviewed the tank several times in buyer guides, set them up, ran them ourselves, and watched readers transform them into various guises, including high-tech planted tanks and even reef tanks.

The ‘old’ Aqua Qube was so popular I think because of its looks, its compact shape, the ease with which it could be converted and upgraded, and its price.

This small nano has led where many other manufacturers have followed, and you will be forgiven for thinking that tanks from other competing manufacturers look quite similar.

When we received the new Aqua Qube I was delighted to see that the tank has changed very little. It’s had a slight facelift, with the silver top and bottom trim now looking more rounded and more modern, but, apart from that is pretty similar which is good.

The 15, 25 and 40 l / 3.3, 5.5 and 8.8 gal sets come complete with clip-on light, cover glass and internal filter. The light is adjustable from side to side and tilts, and, better still, there is room to add more if you so wish.

The internal filter is nice and small with sponge and carbon insert, and also comes with a venturi attachment and mini spraybar. Flow is adjustable and, with the Aqua Qube 15 we looked at, the tiny Aqua-Flow 50 internal filter produces up to 100 lph for only 2w of energy.

That means that you canset up and run the Aqua Qube 15, unheated, for a total of 11w consumption, and just 2w consumption when the light is not switched on.

Extra lights are available for £22.50, with replacement bulbs costing £7.95 at full RRP. You could use the 11 or 18 watt lights if you wanted to, and both are available in blue/white marine versions.


Product: Superfish Aqua Qube Set 15

Price: From £49.95

Reviewer: Jeremy Gay

Rating: 4/5

Combine its small footprint with its tiny running costs and full RRP of £49.99, this small aquarium is sure to be a hit. It doesn’t come with the shrimp extras as offered with Dan Crawford’s Dennerle tank, but for half the price I would certainly take this one over the Dennerle.

It even holds five litres more than Dennerle’s smallest, the 10 l/2.2 gal tank costing upwards of £100, depending on model and supplied extras.

In a nutshell this is a great little tank, which holds many possibilities in terms of décor and livestock.

I won’t patronise the many readers of PFK by advising fish stocking caution however, as 15 l/3.3 gal is a very small long-term home for any fish, so any communties must be microscopic - or have no fish at all! However, the 25 and 40 l models do have greater fish stocking opportunities. 

This item was first published in the August 2009 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine. It may not be reproduced without written permission.