Review: New Era mini marine grazer


Nathan Hill checks out this new offering for marine fish from New Era.

I’m cynical when it comes to foods, but the marine grazer has me fawning like a lovestruck child.

This is a product with unbeatable grounding. Developed by Mark Wilson, of near legendary clownfish breeding status, this is the culmination of collusions with some of the world’s finest public aquaria.

The domestic aquarium variant has exactly the same make-up as the gigantic, public aquarium-dedicated grazing blocks. These were developed to bring about a balanced food devoid of all non necessaries and, with customers like the Sea Life chains as well as the public aquaria in Dubai, New Era is on the right track.

Ingredients are superb — as I can vouch, having tasted them all first hand! High-grade meals are used alongside algae that goes beyond the usual Spirulina additives. No bulking agents are used and what you get is a condensed food source with everything your marine fish need.

It comes in the form of a solid ring, through which a close fitting sucker is placed. This sticks at any point on the inside glass of the tank and the fish can simply help themselves.

Grazing can be monitored, as with some foods left in the tank you can find fish that gorge themselves, and this in part accounts for the realistic protein of 33% as opposed to those foods containing more protein than sense.

Tangs and angels will get on well with these blocks, as their public aquaria kin will testify, but most fish should be prepared to give them a try.

Price: Pots start at £9.95.

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