Picturatus killie, Simpsonichthys picturatus


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Matt Clarke on a gorgeous little killifish of the Simpsonichthys genus.

Common name: Picturatus killie
Scientific name:
Simpsonichthys picturatus, Costa, 2000.
Origin: São Francisco River basin, Brazil.
Size: Males up to 4cm/1.5”, females being a fraction smaller.
Diet: Small live or frozen foods such as Daphnia are preferred.
Water: Neutral water conditions are fine for most Simpsonichthys.

Aquarium: Best kept in a small aquarium – say 45cm/18" – with gentle filtration and slightly soft, acidic or neutral water. Pick a brightly coloured male and one or two females — these being beige and having a few dark spots on the flank, so look very different. Keep them in a small aquarium with gentle filtration and add a container with a soft peaty substrate a few centimetres deep.

Notes: This species is a member of the S. magnificus group, which also includes S. hellneri, S. adornatus, S. fulminantis, S. carlettoi and S. magnificus.

S. picturatus is just one of a handful in which males have rounded dorsal and anal fins. It is a member of the subgenus Hypsolebias and named because of its high body profile (hypsi = Greek for high). Members of this subgenus are found in Central and north-eastern Brazil, from the upper Rio Tocantins, to the middle Rio Sao Francisco, to the lower Rio Jaguaribe and middle Rio Jequitinhonha basins.

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