Kyburz tetra, Pseudochalceus kyburzi


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Emma Turner takes a look at a rather pretty tetra that's a rare find in the shops.

Scientific name: Pseudochalceus kyburzi, Schultz, 1966.
Origin: Coastal rivers on the Pacific side of Colombia.
Size: To 8cm/3.15".
Diet: Omnivorous. Will take flake, micro granules, small frozen foods such as mosquito larvae, Daphnia, vitamin-enriched brineshrimp and vegetable-based foods.
Water: Freshwater with a temperature range of 23-26°C/73-79°F. Soft, acidic conditions are required; pH 6.0-7.0, DH to 12°.

Aquarium: This rarely seen species is best maintained in a group of at least six, faring better with its own kind. This will benefit natural behaviour and create a far more effective display.
Rival adult males can be territorial with one another, but no serious damage should occur providing the tank offers sufficient space and is well decorated with plenty of visual barriers/shady retreats among rocks, bogwood and heavy planting. It must be mature and well filtered.
Sexing: Males in breeding condition will display more intense colours, particularly on the caudal fin, and have a longer dorsal fin. Mature females will appear fuller bodied.
Availability: Seldom seen, these were on sale at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Crowland.
Price: £5 each or six for £27.

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