Hypostomus luteus


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Ian Fuller on a stunning large Hypostomus that's recently entered the UK trade.

Scientific name: Hypostomus luteus (Godoy, 1980)

Origin: Brazil, Rio Pelotas at Volta Grande Dois, Marcelino Ramos, Rio Grande do Sul, upper Rio Uruguay River basin.

Water: Fairly tolerant of water conditions.

Size: A moderately large species growing to 31 cm/12".

Aquarium: Should be a minimum of 100 x 40 x 40cm/36" x 15" x 15".

Diet: Once acclimatised these fish are not fussy eaters and will eat all manner of green vegetables. In nature they are also carrion and will graze on the bodies of dead fish. Once acclimatised will accept sinking commercial tablet, flake, wafer and granular foods.

Notes: This is a very striking species, which can be extremely variable in colour pattern. Young specimens are black with largish yellowish spots; the yellowing of the finage develops and intensifies with age.

Identification: Because of it's unique colour pattern this is a species that is relatively easy to identify.

Availability: Imported by Pier Aquatics, Wigan, Lancashire, (01942 2366617).

Price: 450 to 500