Hoplias lacerdae


Like fish that can bite off your fingers? Then you will like Hoplias lacerdae, says Matt Clarke.

Common name: Trahira

Scientific name: Hoplias lacerdae

Size: Up to 75cm/ 30". This one was about 40cm/16".

Origin: Rio Ribeira do Iguape in Sao Paulo and Parana States. This one was exported out of Brazil.

Aquarium: A very large tank, over 2m/6'6", with a massive filtration system. Likely to eat tankmates that it thinks it can swallow.

Water: Slightly soft and acidic or neutral water, but probably quite adaptable to harder conditions.

Diet: Whole dead fish, or if given the opportunity, the limbs of a fishkeeper! We reckon a large one would have little problem in taking off your hand...

Availability: Maidenhead Aquatics in Harlestone Heath imported this one from Brazil. Very hard to obtain.

Notes: If you like the look of this fish but can't find one, look out for the more common Hoplias malabaricus.

Rarity rating: PFK's oddball expert Richard Hardwick has just bought this fish, which says some-thing about its rarity...

Price: This was so big it had to be shipped in its own box. You could pay up to 400-500 for one like this. Small specimens should be cheaper. At the time of going to press, only 30cm/12" and 40cm/16" fish were listed.