The Aquarium Masterclass


The class will take you through all of the core but essential areas of the hobby. We’ll be looking at water quality and chemistry, filtering and the nitrogen cycle, fish physiology and habitat, disease management, and aquarium husbandry.

Each of the topics are broken down into easy-to-absorb modules, and stripped back to the bare basics, giving you the chance to digest individual points without becoming overwhelmed. If you’re not academically gifted, do not panic — this guide focuses only on the fundamentals of fishkeeping, and we promise not to bamboozle you with confusing charts or long, esoteric formulae.

To follow the masterclass, read it in chronological order — some modules draw upon knowledge covered in previous modules, and in this way you will build up a comprehensive picture of the interconnected nature of all the different aspects of aquarium care.

Once you’ve read through and had time to ingest all of the information from each module, you’ll find a short selection of revision questions to test your new knowledge.

When you are comfortable with all of the content from each of the modules, you’ll find a longer list of questions towards the end of the masterclass. This is the final test, complete with answers, and you can use this to grade yourself on just how much you’ve absorbed.

The masterclass is accessible to anyone and everyone, and you can take from it as little or as much as you need. But hopefully, whatever amount of prior fishkeeping experience you have, you’ll learn something new from it!

You can buy your issue for just £14.99 (FREE UK P&P) here!