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Beautiful and ugly: that’s the theme of issue two of fish. We’ve taken some creative license with how that theme’s applied, and in some cases ignored the brief altogether, but ended up with something largely beautiful. We hope. And ugly. We hope. 

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There’s beautiful graffiti, visual conservation campaigns, and trips through artistic antiquity. There’s beautiful verse in poetry, and beautiful sounds in fish-inspired music. There’s a beautiful Cornish shoreline, exposed for all. There are the

fish that keep reefs beautiful. It’s all very beautiful.

There are ugly fish so unsightly they’ve been banished to perpetual darkness, so of course we want to see how they have sex. There are the ugly lives of parasites, and the worst natural atrocities they can muster. There are ugly meals, curiosities suited to little more than being thrown up. The editor pukes. There’s a fight. It’s all very ugly.

Following on from the first issue, fish 2 is an eclectic mix of in-depth reads, fun, frivolity, irreverence, history, recipes, science, and fiction. For the lover of the life aquatic, there’s something for everyone hidden in our pages.

Won’t you come fish with us?

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