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Habitats and history, conservation and culture, art appreciation, current affairs and cooking, Fish contains all of this and more. For anyone with a passing interest in the piscine world — angler, aquarium hobbyist, even the lay natural history fan. 

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Fish offers in-depth stories that are carefully crafted as much for their literary merit as their informative content. In a world of stuffy writing and practicality, we offer musings and entertainment. Fish is the long read for the long reader.

Pictures and stories that stay with you

Whether it’s the candid stills of Venezuelan fishermen catching piranha, the bare teeth of an expertly preserved skull, the immersive first-hand account of a shark bite, or the awe-inspiring graffiti of an oceanographer-turned-street artist, Fish promises to leave the reader with memories. Not short, throwaway memories, but memories that come from a deeper understanding, from immersion within a subject. Fish takes readers to places both familiar and unfamiliar, looking beyond crude stereotypes and gaudy, sensationalist headlines. In the diversity of its content, Fish finds its greatest strength.

Not the usual suspects

The brainchild of Nathan Hill, an editor with a lifelong history over many roles within fish-related industries, and a man with a devotional fanbase of fishy followers, Fish aims to objectively explore the vast underwater world from every angle. To enact this, the inaugural issue draws upon a carefully honed list of contributors, including Hawaiian commercial fishermen, ichthyologists, explorers, museum curators, food bloggers, as well as internationally acclaimed artists and authors.

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