Practical Fishkeeping Magazine October 2021

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I find myself in the age old fishkeeper’s dilemma once more. After a decade of house hopping and shared properties, where my tank choices were limited at best, I’m finally moving in to a home where I can have whatever I want. The catch is, what do I want?

On Sale: 17/09/2021

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This issue of PFK alone has sent me from pillar to post. Reading Michael Edmonstone’s piece on peat swamps makes me feel I should be using my tanks to conserve a wild species in peril, while Gabor Horvath’s successes with raising freshwater pipefish have turned me into a broody aquarist who wants ‘kids’ of my own. Bob Mehen has come along and made me want old school gouramis again, while Tristan Lougher’s feature makes me think a new nano reef is long overdue. Decisions, decisions...

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