Practical Fishkeeping Magazine May 2022

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This month I was privileged to have a discussion with many-time world aquascaping champion, Josh Sim. Josh reveals the mindset of ‘scapers working at the highest levels of the hobby, Tai Strietman shows us how that old aquarium favourite, the Amazon Sword, grows in the wild, and after his popular inaugural feature recently, Pete Cookson of Riverwood Aquatics is back with more advice on starting out with greenery. 

On Sale: 21/04/2022

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What's in this Issue?

There’s more than plants though. We have a UK first from Elliott Ball spawning a rare Corydoras, and Josh Pickett, author of The Bichir Handbook, offers some insights into aquarium megafauna. Also, be sure to check out new US contributor Felicia McCaulley’s feature about zoanthids — it’s the good stuff! 

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