Practical Fishkeeping Magazine March 2022

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Fishkeeping really does read like a mystery sometimes. You think you know a fish, then it turns out that you were completely wrong. Look at the humble Tiger barb, for example. Max Pedley writes all about them in this issue. We all know Tiger barbs, right? We all know which species the Tiger barbs from farms are, right? Best of luck with that, even the experts can’t match the farmed fish up with any of the known wild species.

On Sale: 17/02/2022

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Barbs in general seem to have a reputation for being ‘also ran’ fish. When was the last time you set up a tank with some as your centrepiece? Aside the showy Denison’s, or maybe some large Filament barbs, it never really happens. Daniel Konn-Vetterlein has taken time out this month to explore some of his favourite recent encounters, and he doesn’t even claim to be a barb fanatic. Next time you’re at the local store, try giving barbs a longer look. You might be surprised. 

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