Practical Fishkeeping June 2024

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On Sale: 16/05/2024

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What's in this Issue?

Putting Pethia setnai in the spotlight

When a chance encounter at Pier Aquatics led to an on-the-spot purchase, Nathan Hill had no idea how deep the cyprinid rabbit-hole would be. Follow his journey setting up a Western Ghats biotope for Narayan barbs and their sympatric pals—and find out how to make your own.

What’s inside the June issue of PFK:

•    BARBS ‘N’ BOTANICALS: Editor Nathan Hill recreates a Whestern Ghats aquarium with rocks aplenty.
•    SWIGGING ON PIMS: Could the Pimelodus catfish be the ultimate in sleek, whiskery bottom dwellers? 
•    APP FOR AQUARISTS: We get hands on with the brand new Fishkeeper app from Maidenhead Aquatics.   
•    STOCK FOR SUCCESS: What are the right fish for your pond? We go through the pros and cons of the many options.
•    EARNING YOUR STRIPES: Breeding the bluestripe pipefish is no easy task, but Robin Mannion shows us how.
•    UNWANTED VISITORS: A close look at common pond livestock thieves and how to tackle them.