Practical Fishkeeping Magazine June 2023

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It's all about the fun projects in the June issue of PFK. Ever thought about keeping bugs in an aquarium? Tim Smith does exactly that, and what a joyous little sub-genre of the hobby that looks to be.

On Sale: 18/05/2023

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What's in this Issue?

Long term lungfish keeper Josh Pickett leads the way explaining just how much character these air breathing lumps have, while first time contributor Alan Hopkinson pours his passion for Channa on the page. Gabor Horvath visits Lee Harrison, a man with a river tank full of anostomids, while Alex Bell can’t his fascination for an acidophilic, egg-laying halfbeak. And then James Dale of Aquatect takes yours truly on a tour of a college that teaches aquatics. There’s a lot going on. Of course, there’s more, but I’ll not ruin all the surprises here in the welcome. Instead, I invite you to sit back, try to take your eyes off  of your own tank(s) for a moment, and have an immersive read of them yourself. Fingers crossed—your next aquarium project might be nestled somewhere in this very issue!