Practical Fishkeeping July 2024

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Why archerfish should be your next big-tank project.

On Sale: 20/06/2024

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What's in this Issue?


Why archerfish should be your next big-tank project.

There’s nothing as unique as a fish that can snipe its prey from far above the water’s surface. We shine the spotlight on the fabulous Toxotes genus, with hints and tips on how to set up a shooting gallery of your own.

What’s inside the July issue of PFK:

•    SUPER SHARP SHOOTERS: When it comes to interesting hunting behaviour, nothing can beat the sniping of archerfish. 
•    ONLY THE DEEPEST RED: Biotope legend Tai Strietman sets up a black phantom biotope with a beautiful Cabomba backdrop.
•    ROLL OVER FOR ROLOFFI: Michel Keijman says you should head west for the nicest Pelvicachromis species.   
•    FAVOURITES IN MINIATURE: With the dwarf cichlid market growing, which is the right smaller species for your tank?
•    BANISH THE GREEN: Algae can ruin a pond in a single season. Jeremy Gay explains how to keep on top of a nationwide nuisance. 
•    SKIM V. SKIM: Two skimmers doing the same job—Fluval’s SK400 and Oase’s CrystalSkim 350. Which is best?