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The July issue’s star of the month is a Great British classic — the delightful stickleback. Often considered a pond fish, we look at how these little charmers can also make for a wonderful, seasonal indoor project to bring a little nature in to the home.

On Sale: 15/06/2023

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What's in this Issue?

We also report on a UK first, in the commercial breeding of green mandarins, a marine-keeper’s favourite now being cultured in the South of England. Breeder Robin Mannion gives us the details.


Josh Pickett, author of the acclaimed Bichir Handbook introduces a whole medley of care tips, facts, and trivia that you should know before taking on these prehistoric-looking fish.


For a visual feast, internationally renowned photographer, explorer and author Ivan Mikolji takes a dive into the waters of Colombia, where morichales and inselbergs bedeck the landscape.


And if that’s not enough, I take a look at the curious maassi loach, Oliver Lucanus journeys out to where the Texas cichlids are, Gabor Horvath gets to work breeding red-cheek krobia, and we explore the causes of fish stress, and pond plants good enough to eat. Plus we have all your usual favourites — Fishkeeping Answers, gear guides, and a special guest Tailpiece.


I hope you enjoy the issue, 


Nathan Hill, Editor