Practical Fishkeeping Magazine July 2022

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I am an unashamed biotope fan, so when I got the chance to feature David Nørholm’s delicious Mexican set up (it’s on page 16) there was no way I was letting it get away. There’s just something about the ‘natural’ look that seems to fit so well with fishkeeping. Perhaps that’s also why I’m excited to see former PFK editor Jeremy Gay writing all about nature ponds this month — there’s a man who knows the hobby inside out and upside down.

On Sale: 16/06/2022

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What's in this Issue?

And how about an excursion into nature as well? We’ve got that in the bag with Daniel Konn-Vetterlein documenting his trip to South America in a (successful) search for altum angelfish, with plenty of other aquarium favourites making guest appearances. 
We’re also looking at a classic this month. New contributor Alex Kantor has a love for Scatophagus — old school, brackish water oddballs — and he wants to share it. Go check it out on page 26... 

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