Practical Fishkeeping February 2024

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Daisy’s ricefish | Papuan step-by-step set up | Wrestling halfbeaks | Climbing perch care

On Sale: 18/01/2024

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What's in this Issue?


Could this be the perfect ricefish?

This month we spotlight Daisy’s rice fish, a small, colourful, peaceful, easy to keep, absolute bundle of fun. Accomplished breeder Gabor Horvath takes a look at this diminutive species that hangs on to its eggs like a bunch of grapes, with hints and tips on to how you can breed you own.

What’s in the February issue of PFK:

•    DRIVING MISS DAISY: Meet Oryzias woworae, probably the prettiest ricefish you’ll ever want to keep… and breed! 
•    WHY THE LONG FACE: With their oversized jaws and quirky sparring, you’ll be surprised that some halfbeaks fit well in a community.
•    NOT SO TERRIBLE CTENOPOMA: Looking for an ideal mid-sized oddball? You’ll definitely want to consider a climbing perch. 
•    PERFECTLY PAPUA: Follow our step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful set up for threadfin rainbows and peacock gudgeon. 
•    THE GERMAN MOLLIES: When one aquarist couldn’t find wild common mollies, he had to catch his own—in Europe! 
•    WHY HARDNESS MATTERS: What you need to know about testing and changing your general and carbonate hardness levels.