Practical Fishkeeping Magazine August 2022

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One Thing I’m loving this year is the opportunity to get out to visit my readers again, something that was denied to me for the best part of two years. The enthusiasm of hobbyists is one of the major reasons I do this job, and there are few as enthusiastic as Josh Beeston who we feature on page 24. It seems that during isolation, far from stagnating, fishkeepers became more diverse and creative. Josh’s tank is a joy to behold, and he’s a gold seam of information of how we can all go a little more nature based in our thinking. 

On Sale: 21/07/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Continuing the creative theme, we greet a new contributor this month, in the form of Courtney Bogle, who managed to pin down the enigmatic Tigahboy of Instagram fame. Using seaweed as the basis of his layouts, he explores a nano world as colourful as any coral reef, and easier to keep. Go now, stop wasting time on me and go read it... it’s great stuff! 

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