Practical Fishkeeping April 2024

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On Sale: 21/03/2024

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What's in this Issue?

What's in this issue?

The Mexican salamanders that everyone’s raving about

This issue, and due to popular demand, we’re looking at the adorable axolotls. Find out everything you need to know from decoration to feeding, which supplements you’ll need, and even how to pronounce the name correctly!

What’s inside the April issue of PFK:

•    AXOLOTL ANTICS: Learn how to keep the UK hobby’s favourite, frilly aquatic salamanders
•    GREEN FINGERS: Want to start a planted aquascape? Our easy guide tells you what you need to get going
•    MINI RAINBOWS: A closer look as some of the smaller Melanotaenia rainbowfish to try at home 
•    CAMEROON’S CHARACIFORMS: Diverse and delightful, we look at some of the African tetras of the Alestidae family
•    POND AWAKENINGS: With temperatures rising and spring approaching, it’s the time to get your pond geared up for the new season 
•    FERMENTED CO2: We get hands on with and in-depth review of Fluval’s brand new BioCO2 carbon dioxide canisters