Video: Jack Heathcote's giant tropical aquarium


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This is the UK's biggest privately-owned tropical freshwater fish tank, as featured in the March 2014 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine.

Stock includes freshwater rays, enormous Pacu, Ripsaw and Red tail catfish, Alligator gar, arowana, Pangasius and Fly river turtles.

This magnificent aquarium is located in the basement of Jack Heathcote's home. The tank is 12'6" in length (although only 10' of that is visible as glass), 12'8" wide and 7' from top to bottom, so it's plenty big enough not just for the fish to swim in, but Jack too.

Unfortunately, Jack recently announced that he's planning to shut down this amazing fish tank, due to the enormous electricity costs, which he says have doubled over the past ten years — so this could be the last chance to get to see his aquarium as it was.

A heartbroken Jack has already re-homed some of the fish, but there are some still remaining. They are:

3 x Pacu from 27-32" (16-28kg)

2 x Pangasius from 25-31" (5-9kg)

1 x Red tail catfish, 27" (9kg)

2 x Ripsaw catfish from 39-44" (24-36kg)

If you’re a public aquarist interested in rehoming one of Jack’s species, or know someone that is, please contact PFK on [email protected] to have your contact details passed on. One vital stipulation is that any prospective tank needs to be as large as, or larger, than the fish’s current home, and smaller set-ups will not be considered.

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