Review: Triplex Cleaner-Mag from Vertex Aquaristik


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What gift do you buy the modern, style-conscious reefkeeper or aquascaper? You get them a clear algae magnet from Vertex!

Until the advent of the floating magnet, algae magnets had changed little in decades and many look just like they did in the 1980s. Some come with blades for better scraping but, with this design classic from Vertex, less is definitely more.

As you can see in our image the body of the magnet is made from clear, chunky, polished acrylic, so you can see the three magnets inside. The scraper part is just the same Velcro-esque material we’ve seen before, only this time it’s in white. Clear would have been nicer, but hey…

It’s still leagues ahead of any other magnet in terms of styling.

Does it float? No. Is it any good? It’s not as good as a blade scraper, but on a par with any other basic scraper. Give it to an image-conscious, glassware-using aquascaper, however, and they’ll cherish it all the more.

Price: Vertex magnets start at £12.98 for the Simplex model.

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