Review: More cuddly plecs from GreenPleco


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These plush suckermouthed catfish have proved a real hit here in the PFK office, and Nathan Hill can hardly contain himself over this latest batch...

If you saw the review of the first batch of these I had in the office a few months back, then you’ll remember how great they were.

Original Plecostomus plush toys from GreenPleco are teddy bear catfish with lifelike and anatomically correct features and suckers for mouths and since I reviewed them last time everyone has gone mad for them, which is understandable because they really are awesome. There.

So what’s new? Brace yourself. Two of these catfish glow. You heard me right. The Green phantom and the Blue phantom designs are glow in the dark, and I don’t mean the feeble, 1980s disappointing glow in the dark stuff that lasted three seconds. Flick off the lights and they glare, bright green. I got the photographer into a dark room with them and he was even more thrilled than I.

There’s also a white (albino?) longfin bristlenose plec. You’ll love this — it has fluffy bristles all around the mouth.

GreenPleco has also produced a Crimson (red?) bristlenose, and a Sapphire plec (not sure which one that’s meant to be, but it doesn’t really matter).

So that’s what’s new. Fresh designs, and glowing (glowing!) catfish. The only problem you’ll face now is whittling down exactly which ones to select out of the range.

I lie, of course you won’t. You’ll just do what the rest of us sensible folk are doing and buy the whole lot as a package.

The only downside is that they’re in North America, so buying just the one is pretty heavy on freight. Club together with a few friends and get a big box full — it’ll be totally worth it.


So much love. I’m taking a pair of glowers home to stick up in my bedroom, and when the lights go off I’m going to squeal like an upset piggy.

Price: Sapphire or Crimson plec $11.99 each (note dollars, not pounds); longfin plec $12.99, Glow in the dark Green or Blue phantom $19.99 each, plus postage. You’ll need to contact GreenPleco directly to establish freight prices pending numbers ordered.

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