Aquamanta EFX2000 external filter review


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The Aquamanta EFX range of external filters is exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics in the UK. Here's how it fared in our test.

It’s good...

The EFX200 is the smallest in the range of four Aquamanta EFX externals and rated for tanks up to 200 l/44 gal.

The variety of media included is excellent and you get a white wool filter pad, a phosphate pad, coarse and medium foam pads, ceramic media and activated carbon. The largest filter in the range, the EFX600, has an additional chamber containing bio balls.

Features include a quick-release tap system, , and there’s a priming device for easy restart after maintenance.

Full instructions for setting up and installation are included, and there are clear instructions for cleaning the filter, media and impeller.

I’ve used this unit as a supplementary filter on a 300 l/66 gal aquarium to run alongside my existing external. The filter was simple to assemble and priming was a doddle. I just pushed the button a couple of times and away it went quite happily!

The filter is extremely quiet — in fact a couple of times I’ve stuck my hand under the outlet to make sure it’s working properly.


Despite the EFX200 being suitable for tanks up to 200 l/44 gal, both box and instructions give the recommended tank size as >200 l/44 gal!

The verdict

For the money this is a great little filter — and the fact that all the media is included in the price is a great bonus. Power consumption is reasonable too. Using the phosphate remover and carbon will obviously increase running costs and Aquamanta suggest these be changed every four to six weeks.

However, neither is particularly expensive. The carbon for this size of filter is £8 and the phosphate pads come in packs of two for £6. So if you changed both every six weeks, you’d be looking at £100 a year.

The Aquamanta range of externals is available exclusively from Maidenhead Aquatics stores, all with four-year guarantees. Other models in the range are the EFX300 (for tanks up to 300 l/66 gal) at £89.99, EFX400 (400 l/88 gal) at £99.99 and the EFX600 (600 l/132 gal) at £144.99.

Product: Aquamanta EFX200

Price: £69.99

Dimensions: 18.5 x 33 x 18.5cm/7.3 x 13 x 7.3”

Volume: Up to 200 l/44 gal

Maximum flow rate: 800 lph/176 gal

Maximum head height: 1.3m/4.27’

Filter volume: 6.5 l/1.43 gal

Power consumption: 12.5w

Rating: 4/5

More info: Contact your local branch of Maidenhead Aquatics.

Reviewer: Karen Youngs


Easy to set up.

Clear instructions.

Excellent selection of media included in the price.

Very quiet.

Four-year guarantees.


Information on packaging regarding suitable size of tank may confuse.