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Nathan Hill checks out this new Maidenhead-exclusive pond filter package.

I’ve seen this style of product before and I’m twitchy at the failings of most predecessors. However, it looks like Maidenhead has got its version right.

The unit is a combined filter, pump and UVC that submerges into the pond. The model I have is rated for ponds of up to 1,450 l/320 gal and, aside from overstocking issues, I think it will cope nicely for that size of volume.

It comes with a three-layer filter foam, from coarse through to fine, and it has dedicated biological media you can access.

The joy of this unit is the ease in working with it. The lid to the media opens easily, and closes just as well, with an action integrated into the carry handle.

The pump is connected via a simple union to the filter and as it runs after the filter it has a fountain facility. This unit does it all!

The UV is a doddle to access, although it does take a little force to unlock the sealed chamber. I’d be interested in seeing how easy this action is once the unit has been running for some time and has filled with biofilm and slime.

The fountain accessories are well thought through and actually have some height to them — unlike some I’ve played with.

The usual range of heads is supplied, but the decorative LED light built on to the pump, directly under the fountain outlet, is a nice extra feature.

For those worried that this is a waste of daytime electricity, don’t be. The unit has an in-built light sensor, activating the light only when the sun has gone down. Swish!

The only tip I’d offer with these systems is to access any seal rings at the time of purchase and give them a liberal coating of silicone lubricant. Degraded seal rings have been the downfall of many a submerged UVC and I’d hate to see these go the same sad way.

Some people may dislike the lack of plugs here, but this is an outdoor product that needs to be run into suitable electrics. Accept and deal with it!

Price: £79.99, exclusively from Maidenhead Aquatics.

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