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It’s a busy old world out there and all too often the only quality time we get with our fish is at waterchange and feeding times. To see fish feeding with gusto is a pleasure and a good sign that things are well with the vitality of our fishy friends.

When it comes to buying fish food how many of us put a lot of thought into food selection? It can be a baffling choice and many stick to a ‘one food fits all’ approach.

By reading through this feeding guide you might find that you could offer a more refined menu, or maybe it will help to confirm that you’re on the right track.

You’ll find tips on dried food diets, hints on how to prepare frozen and live foods and how to cater lovingly for your fish yourself while saving money in to the bargain!

 Inside the Feeding Guide 

Dried Fish Food Guide

With endless pots on the aquatic shop shelf, you could be spoilt for choice. We look at what’s inside the packaging.

The properties of fish food

Ever wondered what makes up your fish’s supper? King British tells us about the properties of its food.


Feeding Live and Frozen Food to Fish

Your essential guide on how to feed these popular aquarium diets. 

Selecting the correct food for the right fish

Feeding fish is one thing, but matching the right foods to your fish is quite another. 


make your own nutritious frozen meals for your fish

Save money and provide a nutritious diet for fish with our frozen recipe.

Selecting the correct food for the right fish

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