Video: Sing along if you know the words - the £1 fish song


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Video: Sing along if you know the words - the £1 fish song

A fishmonger in east London has become something of an internet sensation after his simple but lyrical song went viral, begging the question — are we missing out on something?

The one pound fish song (video below) has made Muhammed Shahid Nazir something of a local celebrity, with schoolchildren singing his anthem, and even passing football fans are going out of their way to witness a live performance.

In fact, the song has become that catchy that boy band Mindless Behaviour have decided to produce their own R and B version, which at the time of writing has had over 85,000 hits on YouTube. Even Alesha Dixon is now getting in on the act…

But would it carry to aquatic retail? How would you feel if your local retailer started breaking into baritone when you went in for a tub of flake food? Perhaps you’ve already got a retailer who likes a little impromptu ‘a capella’ to get the customers buying.

If they’re out there, we’ve yet to meet one…