Video: Eels get their own 'show'


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More than 630 garden eels at a Tokyo aquarium are to become famous later this week, as the aquarium in which they live is broadcast live on a Japanese video sharing site.

Garden eels live in large colonies in burrows on the sea floor, with only their heads poking out — so a large group ends up looking like plants growing in a garden, or areas of seagrass. They're mesmerising to watch.

The Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Sky Tree Town has an aquarium specially dedicated to Spotted garden eels, where visitors can watch hundreds of little heads sticking out of the sand.

The 60-hour live webcast begins at 9:00am JST on November 1 on Niconico.

Until then, why not watch the video below?


The Sumida Aquarium opened in 2012 and also features two huge nature aquariums designed by aquascaping guru Takashi Amano, which we reported on last year.

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