Two new plecs described


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Two new plecs described

Two new species of Hypancistrus from the Rio Negro drainage have been described.

Hypancistrus margaritatus and H. phantasma both have unique colour patterns, which distinguishes them from other Hypancistrus species.

Hypancistrus margaritatus is described from the Takutu River and has densely-packed light spots on a dark brown background, with spots about the size of the nasal aperture. The specific epithet is Latin for "adorned with pearls", referring to the dense white spots on the body.


Hypancistrus phantasma (pictured above) is described from the Rio Uaupes and has a tan body with small dark spots. Phantasma is Latin for "phantom", and refers to the fish's elusiveness (the described specimens represent the only known specimens) and its pale body coloration.

The new species were described by Milton Tan and Jonathan Armbruster, in a paper published by ZooKeys.

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