Tunze launch Skimmer Kit 15


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Tunze have launched a new sump, skimmer and top-up system for reef tanks from 200 to 500 litres volume.

Part of the new Eco-energetic range, the system has a total power consumption of 42 watts, including the skimmer pump and recirculation pump, and is aimed at modern, hard coral tanks, but where low power consumption is also a priority.

The sump itself is a very compact unit, which with a footprint of just 32 x 30cm, may fit inside existing off the shelf cabinet designs.

A ready-made sump also does away with the hassle of having one designed and built.

The supplied Tunze DOC skimmer 9410 is suitable for aquariums up to 1000 litres volume, and comes fitted with a fine post filter for mechanical filtration and the option of being filled with other filter media, such as carbon or phosphate remover.

The adjustable recirculation pump supplies 2400lph at a maximum head of 2m.

Other features include an integrated water level regulator with optical sensor and a control unit that indicates all functions by LED and emits an acoustic warning in case of failures. A bucket is supplied for holding top up water.

The sump tank has a safety volume of 21 litres and comes with a cover to prevent humidity escaping into the cabinet.

Full RRP in the UK is 504.80.