TMC to launch AquaGro MicroHabitat nano aquarium


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Tropical Marine Centre has launched a nano aquarium similar to the Dymax IQ3 acrylic nano aquarium but with some interesting enhancements.

The Dymax IQ3 nano is already being sold under its original name by UK wholesaler AquaMart, and the wholesaler J&K is selling a re-badged version as the Betta Nano Cube, but the new TMC AquaGro MicroHabitat is different to both.

TMC told Practical Fishkeeping that their model is not produced by Dymax, but by a different manufacturer. However, the similarities are striking.

It has undertaken testing on the original nano and produced a new version based on its own selection of LED bulbs, with a rocker switch on top rather than the dimmer seen on the Dymax nano allowing the use of a "low-light" mode".

The cables now sit in neat grooves in the top of the rear rim and TMC has also produced a tiny new heater which sits in the rear chamber.

The tank holds 8 litres of water and is made from high quality acrylic, giving it a sophisticated appearance, and it's supplied complete with a condensation lid and a miniature thermometer.

Like the Dymax nano, the AquaGro MicroHabitat includes a filter neatly built into the rear of the tank so you can't see much visible equipment when the tank is running.

Pricing and availability is to be confirmed, but it's expected to go on sale in the UK later this year.