TMC Microhabitat 30 nano aquarium now available


Tropical Marine Centre's eagerly anticipated MicroHabitat 30 tank has now been released.

This feature-packed 30 l/6.5 acrylic microhabitat is perfect for small reef aquascapes, miniature corals, invertebrates and small fish and is great for the hobbyist looking to move into marine reefkeeping for the first time.
The MicroHabitat 30 is a real "plug and play" tank with a built-in filtration system, including an integral 600 lph pump, and a protein skimmer driven by an H2Air 60 air pump. The benefit of the skimmer being air driven is that it is extremely quiet making it suitable for any room in the house, even the bedroom!
The other great thing about the MicroHabitat 30 is that it is supplied with a high PAR AquaRay MiniLED 500HD tile mounted on TMC's new, easy to install MountaRay bracket. The MiniLED 500HD incorporates 4 x lensed 10,000K white Cree XP-E PowerLEDs and one un-lensed blue Cree® XP-E  PowerLED. The white LEDs are switchable to allow a blue 'moonlight' mode, which really enhances the fluorescence of your corals.
The MicroHabitat 30 is supplied with a condensation lid, micro thermometer, hydrometer, non return valve and heater – in fact, it's more or less a case of "just add water."

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