TMC launches new AquaRay 600 Ultra Fiji Blue LED light


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Tropical Marine Centre has added a new colour spectrum to its popular LED lighting range.

Named the Ultra Fiji Blue, this unit has a deeper blue coloration than the existing Reef Blue aquabeam light, and will be popular with those who like a very blue reef aquarium.

The Ultra Fiji uses Cree Royal Blue XP-E LEDs with a reported emission of 445nm. Previous blue TMC lights emitted a more cyan blue, emitting 510nm.

TMC have evidence that their original cyan blue led is actually better for corals and for coral fluorescence, although being ever flexible and listening to the needs of their consumers, they have released this even deeper blue for those who desire it.

No doubt it will be popular in America where reefers generally have bluer, or more purple lit reef tanks, and it adds some extra colour choice to the existing range.

The Ultra Fiji blue is available either singly for £102.11 RRP or as part of a combo pack with the Reef blue for £194.04 RRP.

It benefits from being fully compatible with the existing mounting and controllers and is low running cost, with 50,000 hours of life.

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