TMC launches Aquaray Modular Mounting System


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Tropical Marine Centre has launched a new range of fittings for its Aquaray range of LED aquarium lighting, which came out in 2008.

The Aquaray Modular Mounting System (MMS) range includes an aluminium rail fitting which can be cut to the required length, as well as a number of fittings and accessories which allow the Aquaray units to be "retro-fitted" into existing T5 and T8 lamp holders, fixed directly to existing hoods or suspended from brackets or the ceiling.

The Aquaray MMS Rail, which comes in lengths from 49-214cm, was first seen at the GLEE trade show in September 2008, when it was provisionally dubbed the Aquarail.

TMC told Practical Fishkeeping: "As this mounting system is modular, it is extremely flexible and is also very easy to build at home, with only a screwdriver required.

"The Aquaray MMS can be used with the current Aquabeam 500 light units using a set of MMS adaptors, which will be sent out free of charge (except for postage and packing) by TMC to current Aquabeam owners who request them.

"Later in the year, TMC will be launching a new Aquabeam 500 unit incorporating a new style heat sink which fits directly into the MMS Rail."

The completed range of Aquaray MMS units are due to go on show at the PATS show at Sandown at the end of March.

R & DSpeaking at GLEE earlier this year, Michael Barrett of TMC, a lighting specialist who project managed the launch of the Aquaray lighting range, told Practical Fishkeeping that the new fittings were released in response to demand from users.

Two Practical Fishkeeping reviewers tested TMC's Aquaray lighting and both criticised the lack of flexibility in the fittings provided, which demand that the light units are either suspended above the tank or screwed into a hood, making the current units potentially fiddly to install on some aquariums.

The new fittings, which form the MMS rail range, are made from anodised aluminium and allow the fishkeeper to fix the Aquaray lamps above their aquarium in a variety of ways.

Barrett said that the kits are modular, so users can purchase only the pieces they need for their aquarium. Each unit needs to be cut to length.

Cleverly, the newer version of the MMS rail, is also designed to double as an additional heat-sink, helping to keep the lamps cooler.

Barrett also confirmed at the time that TMC was working on a second edition version of the Aquaray lighting which had a new heat-section, which is designed specifically to slot into the fittings of the new rail kits.

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