TMC extends AquaGro aquarium planting range


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Tropical Marine Centre has extended its AquaGro range of planted aquarium equipment with the addition of new substrates, planting tools and glassware.

The new AquaGro planting substrates, called Nutrasoil, come in two colours - brown and black - and are soil-based, making them similar in appearance to the ADA substrates already popular with the aquascaping community.

TMC said: "Nutrasoil is an attractive, complete substrate which means that it not only provides an anchor for the plants but also slowly provides vital nutrients to the plants' growing root structure.

"Its soft, small granules allow plant roots to penetrate easily ensuring all the plants' energy goes into the maximum stem and leaf growth."

Like similar soil substrates, Nutrasoil also lowers the pH of the water, but there's no mention yet of whether it will also leach ammonia as some other soils can when first added.

The AquaGro range has also seen the addition of a number of new glassware products, which are designed to be used for adding or removing water from external power filters, diffusing in carbon dioxide or counting CO2 bubbles.

It has also introduced Straight Tip Precision Tweezers for planting, Straight Tip Precision Scissors for pruning aquatic plants, as well as Curved Tip models for accessing hard to reach places.

The AquaGro range was launched in 2009 at the PATS show.