Three-eyed fish: Real or fake?


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Check out this video of a three-eyed catfish claimed to have been caught in the Gowanus Canal, which is located in Brooklyn, New York, and is one of the most polluted stretches of water in the US.

Three-Eyed Fish by Gothamist

The video appeared on the Gothamist website.

However, since the 30-second video was posted, a number of ichthyology experts have contacted Gothamist to say they think the story could well be a hoax.

First of all, it appears to be a brown bullhead catfish — a freshwater species that would be unlikely to be caught naturally in that part of the Gowanus Canal, which has salinities of more than 20ppt. The fish also appears to have been dead for quite some time and is showing signs of drying out. Some also add that the third eye on top of the catfish’s head doesn’t look real at all.

However, the man who shot the video insists that he poked the eye to see if it was real. He says:”It was "glossy, kind of like a cataract eye. But it felt like an eye." 

What do you think? 

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