Thieves take fish from Derbyshire pensioner's pond


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Around £500 worth of fish have been stolen from a garden pond in Shirland.

Pensioner Jack Pardon (79) had built the pond himself after he retired 14 years ago. But yesterday morning (June 3) he woke to find damage to the pond and one of his Orfe flapping about next to it, reports the Derbyshire Times.

He quickly returned the Orfe to the pond, where it survived — but he then discovered 10 of his other fish were missing.

The stolen fish include Koi and shubunkins.

His daughter Elizabeth says her father is too upset to speak at the moment, but she wanted to warn other pond owners to be aware that there are thieves out there who are targeting fish.

Just yesterday we reported on the theft of fish from a back garden pond in Suffolk.

Anyone with information on the theft of Mr Pardon's fish is asked to call Derbyshire Police on 101.

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