The Real Fin Shady? Eminem makes fishy backstage demand


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Rap star Eminem isn't Koi about making bizarre show rider requests, says Bob Mehen.

It can't be easy being an internationally renowned rap superstar. For a start you've got to stress of  picking a suitably 'street' name and what with the obvious ones like Tinchy Stryder and Lethal Bizzle already being taken it would be easy to pick something ridiculous and end up sounding like a range of children's shoes or brand of drain cleaner.

Add to this the constant media attention, feuds, death threats, getting insurance for your pimped up Hummer and the very real risk of a nasty trip if your sagging jeans fall down, then it's little wonder it can be hard to relax.

With this in mind it's easy to see why American rap sensation Eminem felt the need for a tranquil spot to rest before his recent concert in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

What better place to do this than in his own 'gangsta's paradise' – a private garden, complete with wooden pond stocked with Koi as specified in his show rider?

Naturally the organisers were happy to accommodate this understandable request along with the rest of his list which included dumb-bells, rolling clothes racks, assorted vegetables with a ranch dip, a full length mirror, yoghurt, seedless watermelon and a microwave oven.

Worryingly there was no mention of Tetra floating pond sticks or similar fishy fare although the classy carp are known to appreciate fruit and veg in their diet occasionally – but seldom with a ranch dip.

Where the pond and livestock were sourced from is not known, nor is their fate once Slim Shady had left the building.

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