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The Deep welcomes The One Show to Hull today, to film the transfer of some ‘big fish' to an exciting new home at Bristol Zoo as part of The Big Fish Campaign.

The programme, which will be aired tomorrow (June 27), will follow the story of two Pangasius, among other species, which The Deep rescued from a local hobbyist when they simply outgrew their tanks. These stunning fish are now a whopping 60cm/2' and 45cm/18" in length, and still growing, something the owner did not bank on when they were purchased.

The campaign aims to educate both businesses and consumers about how important it is to research and choose the right pet fish before buying.

Many fish which people think of as pets can quickly outgrow an average 90cm/3' tank leaving the fish cramped and in compromised conditions which can cause deformities and even premature death. A lot of the time, people are simply unaware of just how big their 'pet' will grow. The most common problem 'tankbuster' species include freshwater fish such as Pangasius, Pacu, Plecs and Red-tail Catfish.

Katy Duke, Curator at The Deep said: "It is fantastic to see The One Show covering this important issue and helping us spread the message. Aquariums all over the UK get numerous phone calls every week from members of the public with the same problem – their fish has grown too big for its tank.

"These Pangasius were living in a cramped 120cm/4' tank, which was nowhere near big enough for them. The owner was simply not aware of the size they would grow to or what facilities and care they would need.

"Many of these 'problem species' will grow to over a metre in length which ultimately leaves owners with a huge problem in more ways than one. When there are so many species of fish to choose from,  it really pays to do your homework first."

"Whilst is may seem logical to contact a zoo or aquarium, the space in these facilities is limited and designed for the animals they already house. This sadly is the situation here, but we are delighted to see them going to a new home with our friends at Bristol Zoo where they will make up part of their Asian display alongside a variety of Asian fish including Giant gourami, Dragonfish and Fly River turtles."

For more information visit the Big Fish campaign website.

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