Tetra welcomes spring with new pond care and food range


Tetra welcomes spring with new pond care and food range

Spring cleans are not only restricted to the home, they can also be a great time to give your pond some much needed attention in order to maintain a healthy environment for fish and plant wellbeing.

To help you on your way, Tetra has launched three new pond care products to tackle the three common problems experienced by fish keepers, leaving you more time to enjoy your hobby.  


Tetra Pond SedimentMinus

(new improved liquid formula) contains special bacteria spores (genus Bacillus) which degrade organic bottom sludge effectively leading to improved water quality and increased depth visibility.


Tetra Pond WaterStabiliser

helps to maintain stable KH and pH values, supporting the wellbeing of pond inhabitants. It dissolves quickly and effectively, allowing it to work immediately without clouding the water.


Tetra Pond Peat & Straw Extract

uses a pure and natural active component which filters out and reduces light penetration for natural clear pond water; it acts as a light filter and impairs the photosynthesis processes. Quick, safe and eco-friendly in order to protect fish and plants, it can be used all-year-long.  

Tetra Pond products are priced from £9.00 to £16.49, depending on product 

Once your pond is looking clean and healthy you can ensure your fish are just as happy with Tetra’s extended pond food range which includes natural ingredients to offer varied nutrition for all pond fish including goldfish, Orfe, Golden rudd and Koi. 


The all new premium

Tetra Natural Sticks


Natural Mix

were developed to create a completely natural feeding experience with 100% vegetable sticks for easy digestion resulting in clear and clean water and healthy fish. Both products are also ideal for feeding fish daily.

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