Tetra expands its problem-solving range


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Tetra has expanded its popular problem-solving range for aquariums with its Phosphate Minus and pH/KH Minus solutions. Dedicated to making fishkeeping increasingly easy, the new launches provide fishkeepers with reliable and straightforward options to combat common issues for healthy waters where plants and fish can thrive.


Aquarium life relies on a balance of various water parameters, and phosphate concentration is one of them. Phosphate is a plant nutrient that arises naturally over time from contributing factors such as fish waste, food residues, and dead plants. However, a high phosphate concentration can stem plant growth and lead to an increase in algae growth.

Providing a fast-acting solution, Tetra PhosphateMinus naturally reduces excessively high levels of phosphate in aquariums and unlike some competitor products, does so without clouding up the aquarium water or leaving any residue on the ground. What’s more, Tetra PhosphateMinus is even suitable for soft water so there’s no need to test carbonate hardness before using.

For those looking to also regulate carbonate hardness levels, Tetra pH/KH Minus provides a controlled reduction of this, alongside pH value, leading to improved plant growth from the release of CO2. 

Tetra PhosphateMinus and Tetra pH/KH Minus are suitable for all fresh water and marine aquariums and are available now in 100ml bottles with an RRP of £4.85 and £4.30, respectively. 

More info: www.tetra-fish.co.uk