Tagged shark heads home


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A Great white shark that has been tagged for the longest time is finally heading home after a 21-month journey.

Nicknamed Grim, the 9-year-old, 3m long great white shark was first tagged at Stewart Island in New Zealand in March 2010. He then travelled to Fiji on a tropical migration when he dropped off the radar, reappearing four months later near Tonga.

Clinton Duffy from the Department of Conservation said he caught another long-awaited signal from Grim earlier this month.

"He was over the Louisville Seamount chain, northeast of New Zealand, so he's on his way home again." Grim had visited Fiji, Tonga and Niue.

Having visited Fiji, Tonga and Niue the team believe that the shark is probably returning home to Stewart Island after a stop off in Auckland. They then predict that he will gather with other Great whites in the deep south.

"I wouldn't exactly describe them as best friends, but certainly at the aggregate sites they interact a lot."

According to new research, every living shark could add more than $2.5 million to the economy over its lifetime.

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